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3 E's Black Sports Sunglasses

3 E's Black Sports Sunglasses

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Walk the talk of KAA's true mission & let people see our vision! 

Product Description: 
UV protection lenses
Polypropylene & recycled plastic materials
Left Kids Across America & Right Vision statement imprint 
Color: Black
Style: SG22036

Care Instructions: 
Rinse in warm, running water on a regular basis. Use a mild, liquid dish or hand soap (non-antibacterial, no lotion) to wash as needed. Rinse soap off in warm water. Dry the sunglasses using clean, soft absorbent cloth. Do not use paper-based products or abrasive cleaners to clean. Do not use soaps or detergents which may leave a deposit on the lens. Avoid tissues that have lotion or silicone.

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