Celebrate the Year with this Gear!

Welcome to our summer camp oasis! Dive into adventure and exploration with our new K-Kloset – your one-stop shop for all your shopping essentials.

Check it out now!

    'Letterman Jacket'

    Wrap yourself in faith and style with our summer camp's lettermans jacket – wear your memories, wear your faith!


    The reasons it's about more than just merch.

    K-Kloset: The Why's!

    Bolster & Uplift the Word of God.

    It's not just about clothes for us. When you sport your gear down the streets of your home city, you're sharing not only the word of God...You're letting the world know who we are and what we're ALL about!

    Our camp mission is our life mission, and you're helping us reach greater heights each and every wear.

    Support & Sustain Camp!

    God provides for us in innumerable ways...but so do you! Purchasing gear right here means you're giving us the financial reinforcement we need to keep doing what we do best.

    All proceeds from the KAA Store go right back into camp, so we get to keep grooving and improving with every purchase!

    Encourage. Equip. Empower.

    Champion Local Businesses!

    When you purchase an item from our store, you're supporting all the people and work behind it. Every dollar spent here is another dollar earned by those who do their best to provide KAA with awesome merchandise!

    We partner with a number of stellar locally owned print shops that work tirelessly to make sure you go rollin' out of camp in the coolest gear.